Guided Wealth Portfolios

Start Investing for Your Future Today

Invest for your future with our new online platform that combines the benefits of a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology. You still get the experience and expertise, but with the added convenience and transparency of an automated investing solution. Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP) provides you personalized, objective investment advice through an online platform with 24-7 access to your accounts.

While other digital investing solutions, or robo advisors, offer online investment management, most don’t include a direct personal relationship with a dedicated financial advisor. With GWP, we’ll be your personal advisor [team], dedicated to you and your goals, helping to guide you through the investing process. Our Guided Wealth Portfolios service offers:


Personalized planning, service, and advice:The path to your financial goals is personalized for your specific stage in life, and will change as your life changes. If you ever have any questions, your advisor is only a phone call away.


Support System: At Cornerstone Wealth Management, advisors are independent, but not alone. We provide a variety of resources to support our advisors and their businesses, including monthly research video calls, an advisory board, media relations support and study and networking groups.


Conferences & Events: Our multiple conferences and events throughout the year and around the country provide our advisors with the opportunity to network and share best practices.


Transparency: Cornerstone Wealth Management does not offer any proprietary products and has no conflicts of interest, allowing our advisors to provide unbiased financial guidance to their clients. When conducting business, we emphasize transparency, fully disclosing all fees and costs to our advisors and their clients.


Model Wealth Program: Our Model Wealth Program offers more than 50 turn-key portfolios, managed by Chief Investment Officer Alan Skrainka, a 30-year industry veteran.


Marketing, Branding & Website: At Cornerstone Wealth Management, a marketing team provides monthly compliance- approved communications and assists with branding and events. Additionally, we maintain a professionally designed, compliance-approved website to attract prospects and retain clients.


Plan For the Future: After a rewarding career at Cornerstone Wealth Management, our advisors can take advantage of our Sunset Option to assist in valuing their book and structuring their sale to seek to provide the highest possible value.