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Going Independent

For the last few years, financial advisors have been opting to leave traditional firms in order to go independent. While independence may seem overwhelming and scary at times, advisors joining Cornerstone Wealth Management can rest easy knowing that they are never alone.

CWM independent advisors run their own businesses without intrusion from a home office or “big brother”. Advisors are the sole owner of their client relationships and their book of business. This philosophy allows advisors to put their client’s best interests first and work to fully accomplish their goals.

In order to smoothly transition into independence, Cornerstone Wealth Management advisors are given a transition and technology team, as well as compliance oversight.

After a long, rewarding career with CWM, advisors are offered a Sunset Option to assist in valuing their book of business and structuring their sale so they can receive the highest possible value.

Gone are the days of proprietary products, hidden agendas and conflicts of interest. Going independent with Cornerstone Wealth Management means that advisors run their business the way they personally see fit.