About Us

Cornerstone Wealth Management is a comprehensive investment advisory firm dedicated to making a positive financial difference for families and individuals. We do that by listening to clients' goals for the future, developing a customized financial plan to follow, and monitoring and adjusting that plan as life changes occur. Our advisors are independent, not affiliated with a particular investment firm, so we offer a wide range of investments and strategies that can help you pursue financial independence.

At Cornerstone, the advisor’s ultimate responsibility is serving his or her clients. By developing an understanding of what their client needs and wants, advisors are able to support the client’s interests and strive to preserve the client’s assets. By partnering with Cornerstone Wealth Management, clients can feel confident that their best interests will be looked out for not only today, but far into the future.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to guide successful families to financial confidence using comprehensive wealth strategies.

Core Values

Integrity: As passionate advocates for our clients, we believe that providing independent, objective guidance is the best way to serve their best interests.

Trust: We strive to build meaningful relationships based on trust to better support the needs, goals and ideal futures of the families we serve.

Clarity: We strive to bring confidence and understanding to our clients’ financial lives through our straightforward approach and clear guidance.

Independence: As independent advisors, we have the freedom to choose the strategies that can help our clients pursue financial independence.


With about 120 advisors across the country, we serve clients in many regions. Our advisors may serve clients under the Cornerstone Wealth Management name or their own firm name. To find an advisor near you, visit our Find an Advisor page. For information about our headquarters locations in the greater St. Louis area, please visit our Contact page.

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